Custom MAP sensor calibration data is entered in the "Custom 3 Bar" MAP Sensor Type (Sensors ICF).


29. Replace your factory MAP sensors that blow out when you turn up your boost with these GM 3 bar map sensors in just a few minutes PCM file update required, See "Option 2" on our ZZP LNF 1.


by Hondata Thu Dec 22, 2005 546 pm.

. OMNI-Power MAP Sensor Calibrations 1bar100KPA14. Mopar 3 bar MIN 0.

Voltage readings were taken with both the EMS and verified with a calibrated.

Use the Motec or Neetronics MAP sensor setting. net AEM PRO & TUNER 4 Bar Calibration Go to setup sensors map sensors options min voltage. So now we know Normal Option OEM map sensor Apexi Option Apexi 3 bar map sensor Option 1 .

GM 2 bar map sensor Linear and offsets for HPtuners software. .


MAP Sensor Offset 10.

29. Mopar 3 bar MIN 0.

. 98V.

3 Bar 749, 861.
which is as stated earlier 46574 Scale5592 Offset.

LS1 style 3 bar MAP sensor.

I did more testing and the AEM 3.

. . All readings were taken within 60 minutes of each other.

5 bar and Motec 3 bar map sensors work great with the plug-n-play settings. Add to Cart. Quantity. . EFI Source is now offering a plug and play 3 bar map sensor for the LS series motors. 5bar MAP sensor.

so it seems I went the wrong way.

GM MAP Sensors 1 BAR, 2 BAR, 3 BAR. After much research the cheapest, most accurate solution seems to be the GM 3BAR MAP Sensor.

May 3, 2010 Install is straight forward.

Engine Diagnostics->MAP->Parameters C6301 MAP Sensor Scaler 2-bar sensor 190 3-bar sensor 288 These values will get the MAP scalers value close to what it needs to be, you will then need to adjust it (by small amounts) until the MAP sensor reads the same.

Check out our handy chart below for identifying GM MAP Sensors (listed here), along with linearoffset data.


GM Delphi Packard - 3-way sealed Plug.